Seller Survey

This is a report commissioned by the seller which is fully re-assignable to the eventual buyer.

There are lots of advantages for eveyone. Firstly, you as the Seller will know the exact condition of the property and your Agent will be able to reflect this in the asking price.

The Buyer will also know the true condition of the property before making an offer and will have the confidence of knowing that it has the Landmark ‘pre-surveyed’ stamp.

If you are the seller, the prospect of a sale falling through or last minute re-negotation due to a negative survey is much reduced. This will protect all parties from potential abortive costs.

The report is fully re-assigned to the named buyer following exchange of contracts. We will accept responsibility to the buyer in exactly the same way we would if they had commissioned a conventional survey themselves.

Agent, seller or buyer, why not give us a call and we will happily talk you through it!